How Does Zig Zag help Emily?

Zig Zag is Emily’s toy dinosaur. In her imagination he magically transports her on amazing adventures with the rest of her toy family.

When families experience a break up it is common for children to feel that they can help in some way. In some scenarios children may even feel partly to blame if they feel that their parents are arguing over how they are being brought up, who is doing most of the childcare, money worries and so on. The Zig Zag books have been developed by Barbara Townley to help young children give themselves permission to still be children and not to try and resolve the difficulties that their parents may be going through.

There is no magic solution and Zig Zag is not going to fix Emily’s family, but he is a source of fun, excitement but also normality for our little girl. By enjoying the Zig Zag books with young children they will see that it is ok to carry on having fun as they normally would.