How to self publish a book

Self Publishing an illustrated children’s book – Zig Zag and the Giant Adventure is just about to go to print!

At last ‘Zig Zag and the Giant Adventure’ is about to go to print.  It’s been 2 years since I started writing this book, but I’ve got the sample in front of me and a print run is pending.

I think I’ve been incredibly lucky on my journey to self-publishing.  First piece of luck,.. having Cherie Jerrard as a friend. She’s an incredible illustrator and I was able to capture her interest in the project just as she finished her MA in Illustration at Manchester University.  She has put in hours and hours (and more hours) of work on the illustrations for the book and getting it ready for printing.  She has even hand-drawn the font we are using in the book.   Thanks to her commitment and talent the book is a visual feast. (  

Next, through Cherie, I met Kate Taylor of Middle Farm Press. (  Kate has worked as a writer and managing editor for nearly 20 years. She has worked for several well-known publishers and lived in London, New York and Rome before recently settling in Shropshire.  She has been amazingly supportive and read and edited the book for me –priceless. 

The third piece of luck is having a husband who has encouraged me all the way. That sounds a bit gushing but endless cups of tea and proof reads have been invaluable.  And, quite honestly, self-publishing a children’s book costs money.  I decided to go down the traditional hard copy print run because I wanted a high quality product.  It’s definitely worth it in terms of having a book to be proud of but….. no holidays for us for a while!!!!  Thanks James (

My contacts with talented people ready to lend a hand continued including conversations with author Richard Booth (BB King: A Life of Blues) about the perils of self-publishing; tea and cake with Helen Leathers, another friend and business woman ( while she helped me (a social media dinosaur), get twittering with the best of then (4 followers to date!!!!); and lastly conversations and support from Ros Ephraim at Burway Books in Church Stretton who has agreed to launch our book at her lovely independent book shop on 28th October 2017.

Zig Zag and the Giant Adventrue has had a lot of support along the way and I’m very grateful.  Self-publishing is not easy, but, looking at the book in front of me, definitely worth it.