Zig Zag and the Giant Adventure

Meet Emily. She lives with her parents and loves her toy family which includes a dinosaur called Zig Zag the Stripy Spotosaurus.

Emily can hear her parents arguing downstairs and leans to deal with her feelings by playing with her toys.

Have a look at some of  the pages inside…

Zig Zag and the Magic Wood

Emily’s daddy has left home and she remembers seeing him drive away. Emily and her toy family go on an adventure in a Magic Wood where they meet an owl, a fox, a badger and a bear.

Emilu learns that although things have changed at home it is ok to carry on having fun and her parents still love her.

Have a look at a selection of the pages inside…

Next year we will meet Emily and Zig Zag at Christmas.

In the meantime here's a video extract from our first book to introduce you to Emily and Zig Zag.