Meet Zig Zag the Stripy Spotosaurus

A series of children’s books specially written for young children experiencing a family break up.

What are the stories about?

There are two books in the series with a third on the way. They follow the journey of 6-year old Emily as she faces the separation and divorce of her parents.  

Meet Emily

Emily lives with her mum and dad but sometimes they argue

Emily wants to stop her parents arguing but doesn’t know what to do.  

Emily loves to play

Emily loves all her toys but one of them has special powers

Zig Zag the Stripy Spotosaurus enables Emily to escape the upset she faces at home as her parents argue, separate and divorce by taking her away on imaginary adventures

It is ok to be happy

Emily learns that  she doesn’t need to stop being a child.

Children can’t solve adult problems.  What they can do is enjoy playing with their friends. pets, and toys.  

The Zig Zag Series so far…

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Zig Zag and the Giant Adventure

  Meet Emily and her toy, Zig Zag. Her parents are arguing but Zig Zag takes her on a magic adventure where she meets two grumpy giants…

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Zig Zag and the Magic Wood

Emily is sad because her dad has left home. Zig Zag takes her on another adventure where she meets an owl who has also lost something precious…

our next book...

New title to be announced soon!

Find out how how Emily and Zig Zag spend Christmas.